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Making Open Source RDBMS Work for the Enterprise

An IDC InfoBrief, Sponsored by Quest Software.

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Nine steps to building a business-oriented disaster recovery plan

In this e-book, we start by highlighting the top business-threatening data disasters, and then offer nine steps you can implement to build a business-oriented DR plan.

The DBA's guide to the cloud, open source and devops

How to adapt and succeed amid cost-cutting measures in database management.

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Software defining secondary storage

The precursor to secondary storage is disk backup appliances. Disk backup appliances are typically scaleup and focus on improving the data protection software instead of replacing it.

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Quest® QoreStor™

Next-generation software-defined secondary storage platform

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Maximizing the value of the cloud with Quest

Ease cloud migration planning, protect cloud resources and data, and use the cloud for disaster recovery and long-term data retention.

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Deduplication: The hidden truth and what it may be costing you

Not all deduplication technologies are created equal. See why choosing the right one can save storage space by up to a factor of 10.

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Downtime costs how much?

Calculating the business value of disaster recovery.

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Managing cross-platform database environments

Top 5 challenges, and how Foglight fro Databases addresses them