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Over 4,000 UK, US and Australia government sites infected by global crypto-mining malware

A malicious version of the widely used tool Browsealoud managed to infect more than 4,000 websites to mine digital currency, Monero for over four hours.

The cloud market: Who are the rulers and why?

The public cloud services market of India is predicted to cross USD 4 billion by 2020. Which cloud service providers are making all the difference?

The connected era: How the manufacturing industry will adopt and adapt to IoT

After figuring out how to network devices together and how to analyse the data streaming from them, the industry now has to focus upon how to use these two to form definite business engagements to derive profitable outcomes.

Indian enterprise suffers from the innovator's dilemma: Benjamin Henshall, Red Hat

While the Indian enterprise might use open source prolifically, it often tries to roll their own software stack by themselves, which is a mistake, says Benjamin Hensall of Red Hat.

Container technology will re-imagine the application landscape: Ravi Pinto, Oracle

Ravi Pinto, Director–Product Management of Oracle talks about how the company's partnerships with both Docker and Kubernetes is keeping it stay ahead of the competition.

Will millennials become a security threat with enterprise rapidly adopting mobile?

With most organizations adopting mobile and implementing BYOD policies, how will the entry of the device and free WiFi loving millennial employee affect security of critical data?

Nandan Nilekani 2.0 at Infosys?

The former chairman of UIDAI, co-founder and former CEO of Infosys is expected to return as non-executive chairman following Vishal Sikka’s sudden resignation. 

Vishal Sikka’s journey at Infosys

CEO and MD of India’s second largest Indian IT services company since June 2014, Sikka is now the executive vice chairman until the new CEO and MD is appointed.

Following accusations of unethical practices, Swiggy CEO debunks claims

After a scathing blog post on Tumblr claimed Swiggy of business malpractice, the company's CEO writes a detailed rebuttal on official blog.

5 hard truths about employee engagement senior writer, Sarah White digs into recent research to look at the impact employee engagement has on your business and the economy as a whole

Levi's and Google Jacquard bring you a connected jacket you'll actually wear

Now this is a wearable. Levi's classic denim jacket includes touch-sensitive conductive threads to help you control phone apps.

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The rise of a Flash-enabled world

Find out how you can leverage the latest in flash component cost declines to eliminate the barriers to accessing flash technology.