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3D printing in manufacturing: Where does India stand?

Enterprises can completely revamp engineering, manufacturing and supply chain with 3D printing, say experts.  

Google commits USD 300 million to outpace fake news

With The Google News Initiative, the firm is aiming to use more than just algorithms to combat the dramatic shifts in the news industry.

Sasken will stay far from the IT industry turmoil: Hari Haran

We have carved out our space in product engineering, and we will stay here with a focus on cognitive, automotive and devices, says Hari Haran of Sasken Technologies. 

A peek into the tech behind Amazon, Flipkart annual sales

As e-commerce rivals battle for customer attention this festive season, here is how the tech engines drive the show.  

6 women trailblazers in cloud and analytics you shouldn’t miss

On the occasion of International Women’s day, here’s a dekko at the top women influencers in cloud and analytics.

How online scammers use disasters to scam people

When tragedy takes the form of a hurricane or a mass shooting, fraudsters use the reach and anonymity of internet to exploit grief. Watch out for them. 

Then and now: Ten tech scenarios that came true

Drones, wearable tech, smart homes and digital life–these appeared only in the novels or on the silver screen. But fortunately, they are now a part of our everyday lives and how.