Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust turns to RPA to slash admin time

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Foundation NHS Trust has dramatically reduced the time spent by staff on tedious tasks after launching a Centre of Excellence for the use of robotic process technology (RPA) technology.

How serverless computing saves time and money

Simple functions in isolation make development easier, while event-driven execution makes operations cheaper

IoT roundup: Robot boats; AT&T makes IoT partner deals

AT&T is allying with HPE, AVSystem, Passtime to provide IoT options; MIT collaborates on autonomous 'roboats' to ply the waters of Amsterdam’s canals.

Supervised learning explained

Supervised learning turns labeled training data into a tuned predictive model.

The chatbot with its own office and personal (human) assistant

Chatbots provide a way for customers to transact with companies from wherever they are at any hour of the day. Virtual assistants also benefit companies, allowing them to reduce the time spent by human staff handling simple queries.

Owens Corning: Small IT shop with a ‘big jobs’ approach

Best Places to Work in IT 2019: A relatively flat IT organization with an emphasis on teamwork makes this global company feel small.

Reinforcement learning explained

Reinforcement learning uses rewards and penalties to teach computers how to play games and robots how to perform tasks independently.

For enterprise storage, persistent memory is here to stay

Persistent memory – also known as storage class memory – has tantalized data center operators for many years. A new technology promises the key to success.

Who should buy Intel's 10th-gen CPU in a laptop: Five reasons for and against

Now that Intel's announced its 10th-gen CPUs, should you wait to buy a laptop? For some people, an existing 8th-gen laptop will be just fine.

How the FA is building a player analysis tool with Google Cloud

The Football Association (FA) has entered a long-term technology partnership with Google Cloud to centralise the data it holds on footballers across all levels of the game and to build a set of tools which will allow coaches quicker access to player insights.

Network monitoring in the multi-cloud era

Most enterprises now use two or more cloud service providers, and 35% use up to five monitoring tools to keep tabs on hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. What’s the best approach to full network visibility?

Iceland's bitcoin mining data centres are maturing into phase two

We've all heard that 'data is the new oil'. But while data may be the invisible magic powering the information age, it doesn't have any actual energy-creating properties (Until we discover a way to alchemise electricity purely from Twitter-induced rage, that is.)